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Simplified price viewing and ordering

Kweza brings the power of collective buying to spaza shops, to assist them to stock conveniently and at cheaper prices. All from your mobile phone and have it delivered to their shops.
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Benefits we offer

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Cheaper prices

We bring cheaper prices close to you, and have made it easier for you to make an order for your stock at any time moile app. You can now find our app in play store.
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Using Kweza you can now save more, and get better margins. We give you access to the lowest available inventory pricing. Using our app you can now track how much you spend on your inventory, and your ordering frequency.
Kweza Benefits Convinience


We know how unpredictable ordering and delivery patterns cost your business and the quality of your products. Through our app, you can easily place orders that will be immediately recieved by our team. We also have regular and predictable delivery schedules making your order process as smooth as possible.

Designed with you in mind

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No Setup

Once you request for access to our service, we will get your details and set everything up for you remotely.
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Great support

Kweza offers best customer service by always being there for you.
Easy to use

Easy to use

Our app is designed with zero complications and straight to the point.

Let's talk

Take a look at our mobile app and social media , to join a community that will take your business to the next level.
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