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Kweza brings the power of collective buying to informal retailers(Spaza shops), with sourcing stock conveniently at better prices and have them delivered directly to their stores.
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We are on a mission

Our goal is to improve efficiency within the informal retail space and ensure that through technology we can help Spazas shops digitize, formalize and grow. Kweza is built with the customer in mind. We understand that there are several factors affecting the success of small businesses and we are building a platform that brings together digital and physical solutions to ensure the growth and success of our customers.

Using technology to encourage growth of Spaza shops.

The problem

Running a small business is challenging especially so in the Informal sector where segments of a single value chain are fragmented. Informal retailers often pay a premium for their products and delivery due to limited visiblity to the best pricing in the market and low buying power.With technology we can bridge the gap.

The idea

With 77% of the South African population buying at least some of their products from the informal economy we realise the importance of this sector. We are building a digital platform that ensures that our spaza customers have access to the resources they need to grow, starting with how they order and purchase inventory.

Our philosophy

We strive to be partners in the growth stories of small businesses and help them to formalise digitize and grow their businesses through technology.


We are backed up with great people who believe in our vision.
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